About Us


To be brutally honest – we weren’t drinking enough water every day and just didn’t know how to reach our daily recommended water intake. Buying big bottles of water on the go was a nuisance to us & the planet. It was so much easier to forget about drinking water during the day and then feel guilty about it at night.

Our mission was to find a sexy bottle, that was good for us & our planet - because, let’s face it, if it’s ethical eye candy and insta worthy, then it is so much easier to commit to, right?

Our design ethos was simple – it had to be reusable and durable, practical and good looking, and ultimately beneficial to us and to our planet. We definitely didn’t want to destroy ourselves or our planet. These were non negotiable.

So we set out on an adventure and found the Hydration Movement bottle – a brand and a philosophy. A see-through bottle with timed markers that reminds us to take a few sips each hour and shows our progress, so no more forgetting about our hydration. And a philosophy that is committed to staying hydrated and planet conscious.

The light weight bottle is undeniably beautiful & fits perfectly in your hand, car or bag. It is designed against disposal, using premium quality material – Certified Tritan & tested BPA Free.

Own this bottle with pride – tell the world, sing about it from mountain tops, flaunt it on Tik-Tok, snap it on Instagram  and Facebook, or tweet about it to the birds and dolphins -  because not only have you got yourself a beautiful bottle,  you have signed up to a collaboration that does better by you and your planet.

Here’s to a Hydrated & Sustainably ever after!

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